Short video tutorials for basic crochet stitches

video tutorials basic crochet stitches

If you are new to crocheting, then this is the list for you!

I learned crocheting wathcing videos like those linked below just a short 6-months ago. And oh my were they helpful! Trying to read patterns as a crochet beginner can be a challenge! Chain stitch here, treble-what there, and it did so not help that the US and UK names for the stitches are confusing. I was typing fast on the keyboard to find some help on youtube.

If you landed on this page, let me spare you more research.

Here are the common crochet stitches and links to short video tutorials on how to do them:

  • Chain Stitch – video tutorial
  • Slip stitch – video tutorial
  • Single Crochet / sc (US), double crochet / dc (UK) – video tutorial showing you both how to do a single crochet in a chain of chain stitches, as well as in a stitch
  • Half double crochet / hdc (US), half treble crochet /htr (UK) – video tutorial
  • Double crochet / dc (US), treble crochet / tr (UK) – video tutorial
  • Treble Crochet / tr (US), double treble crochet / dtr (UK) – video tutorial
  • Double Treble Crochet / dtr (US), triple treble crochet / ttr (UK) – video tutorial
  • Magic circle
    There are four ways (that I know of) to make a magic circle
    (1) video tutorial
    (2) video tutorial
    (3) video tutorial
    (4) video tutorial – this is the one I use, but looking at the other ones this one seems more complicated. The woman showing this is Norwegain so maybe this is the norwegian style magic circle, which means I fit right in 😉

    I guess the magic circle is not technically a stitch. The magic circle is used at the beinning of many crochet patterns, and is really useful to get a good-looking start to your crochet piece.
  • Bonus! I also loved the beginning of this video showing the different stitches and their heights. Great for an introduction to crocheting for beginners. And you get a repetition of the single crochet later in the video if you need it 🙂

I thought about making these short tutorials myself but then I though “no, there are so many great crocheters out there that I have learned from” and so there was really no need. Plus, I have only just started filming my crochet video tutorials, and I have to say, I am finding the placement of the camera/phone really challenging. Maybe some of you video tutorial experts stopping by can give me some great tips and tricks in a comment 😉 Try crocheting in a sitting position you are not used to with you hands stretched more than what you are used to. Oh my, I guess it takes practice. I admire you who can do it. Not only am I missing some of the stitches that I always hit, but my hands are shivering as I know the camera is filming and I want to show you the stitches well done and with a perfect angle.

Pfwew! I am filming some patterns these days and practice makes better, so I will keep up the motivation and keep on improving my video-tutorial game 🙂

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